It feels like yesterday that Oskar was born and it feels like last week that he celebrated his first birthday.
But he has already turned 2 today, and what can I say: he is such an amazing, clever and handsome little guy – I am so proud of him and I am fortunate to have such a great son.

I had to work today but I tried to be home early enough so we could have a little birthday party for him (on top of the one he had at school, that is). Lamia had naturally made a cake and she had somehow, magically found a candle in the shape of a “2” which Oskar had to blow out, of course.

In fact, he killed that candle several times – each time he blew it out, Lamia had to light it again. That did not keep us from starting munching on the cake, of course.

Once the cake business was finished, Oskar could finally unpack his presents. We started with a surprise gift from Agnes, which was a great start…

Then there was a very nice book from his grand-mère about going to sleep… I have a feeling I will see this book quite often in the next few months.

That’s it?
No, Sir… there was still this mysterious big box, covered by a towel on his playing mat.

A tricycle!
How cool is that?!

(turns out the parents realized it would have been smarter to assemble the darn thing ahead of his birthday, but well…)

Once I had assembled the tricycle for Oskar, it was difficult to get him off again.
Look at him. So proud!

And that was it! After we had finally separated the boy from his new toys we could do the evening routine and a happy Oskar quickly fell asleep.

Thanks also for all the sweet emails to his birthday from abroad, of course: my parents, Anna, Alex, Silke and Fabian and Tatjana. Thank you so much!

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