Civil disobedience


While Oskar is currently going to sleep in the evening quite smoothly and most of the times even helps undressing himself (though when you’re suggesting it his cute little voice will always reply with a very determined “No!”), his afternoon naps are much more bumpy.

Yesterday I had tried to get him to sleep for 45 minutes without success, but then had the miracle happening by carrying him for a few minutes, putting him in his bed, telling him that it was time to sleep and then left the room. 10 minutes of rustling noises from the room later, he was deep asleep (and upset when I woke him later).

Today I tried the same thing.
Again 10 minutes of rustling and other noises. Then more noises. And it kept going for a while until I had to admit defeat and go into the room to look what the heck the little rascal had been up to.


He had gotten out all of his books (from the shelf behind him) and nicely distributed them all over his bed. And guess who had the honor to put everything back? Yep.

Ah, so much trouble.
Must be his French side… :)

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