When the haze is in the air, go underwater


The PSI readings in Singapore are now often above 200 and partly beyond 300. You can look up what this means on the NEA’s website, but it’s not good. You do not really want to be outside and you certainly do not want your kids to be outside. People say that Beijing is even worse, but that’s no comfort.

Today’s a holiday in Singapore, so we chose to go to the S.E.A. Aquarium on Sentosa – a nice indoor place which also was a good option 2 years ago when we had massive haze in Singapore and Claudia was visiting with Henrik and Liev. Just like then, the place was packed with families again.

This was Oskar’s first time at the aquarium and he was excited about all the fish. Fely kindly looked after the sleeping Thomas in the stroller, so Lamia, Oskar and I could explore what’s behind those windows with peace of mind. With so many people visiting the place and two kids, I took only a few photos, though. I like this one here with Lamia and Oskar facing a pretty big Potato Cod.

Coming through…

Some more fish watching.

Afterwards we had lunch at Sentosa’s Hard Rock Cafe which was actually pretty good. Then we went back home (by the way: doing such a trip with two car seats that have to be placed in and taken off the cab is actually a pain in the neck… even though we could leave Oskar’s car seat at guest services in the aquarium. I understand now much better why so many people told me that as soon as you have two kids, you will want to buy a car – even in Singapore).

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