Wrestling down some kilos


It’s now nearly 10 months since I had that weight gain shock after my European Christmas gluttony. I came back to Singapore and I weighed 97 kg with a BMI of 26. Not that this shocked me out of my pants and I did not feel bad, but it was still a lot. With the weight came more pain in the knees, of course, and I also was quicker out of breath when doing simple things like climbing a stair. Again: I don’t want to say it had an impact on my life, but it felt wrong.

So I worked on it. And worked on it. And then I cracked the 90 kg barrier in July.
And now?

I am nearly 10 kg down from the highest weight I had in January. More meaningful is of course the trend line which peaked at ~96.3 kg in January and is now at 89 kg. So I am consistently below 90 kg and the 88 kg range looks achievable. I would not say that I am super fit, but I am doing pretty okay. I run the Saturday hour long 11.5 km/h work out with ease and without my knees killing me. I run the two weekday 12.5 km/h work outs for 30 minutes and come out in good shape. I clearly lost belly fat. And I think I lost some of the fat leg luggage, too.

I admit, I am a little proud.

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