In my company, I have done a competition which ran through August till beginning of September. I don’t want to write much about this here, but it was called “Catch Ultron” and I created trailer videos and advertisements for it which were of course in the spirit of the related Avengers movie.

The competition has finished and after some data crunching and a baby break, I will announce the winners next week in our department meeting. For the presentation I took this photo today during a team meeting:

I took this in one of our labs. These are Rahul’s hand (left), Pathay’s hand (lower right) and Michele’s hand (top). I like the way I asked them grab the action figure. Comes through quite well. The lighting was not enhanced with spot lights or anything, of course, so I had to brighten the background in post processing. You still see a shadow towards the bottom, but given the setup, this was acceptable. The sharpness is also where it should be.

It’s a pretty good photo, taken in a few minutes.
And it’s taken with an iPhone 6s.

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