WatchOS 2.0 disappointment


I really like my Apple Watch and the thoughts I have posted a little while ago still hold true.
Now, Apple updated the watch OS to version 2 roughly 3 weeks ago and I’ve got to say it’s disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong: the watch continues to work fine and I enjoy the convenience it brings to my day. But while new OS version brings native apps to the watch, this is in fact far less compelling than I would have thought – simply because none of the apps I am using is making proper use of that and the one app I would really want to make use of it, does not have a watch app altogether.

Okay: nothing won, nothing lost you could say.
But there are some tidbits which annoy me:

  • The new watch faces are unimaginative and quite honestly not worthy when you consider Apple’s design reputation. Really, the new ones are just image dumps and as great as the 24 hour images of famous locations look like, I do not care much for having a photo on my watch face most of them time.
  • Complications are not available for many of the faces (or too few are allowed on the face), which I think is hard to understand. Complications are in fact a killer feature of the watch and if you rely on them, you are left with very few watch faces which all look basically the same (except the purely non-analogue “Modular” face which is simply hideous).
  • Then, the activity complication is colored for some watch faces. Looks shit! And when you press that round complication so you are taken to the Activity app, a grey square surrounding the circular graphic confirms you pressed it. Why? Why? Why? This is poor design and you got to think that they were either drunk when they did that or Jony Ive taking a C-level Design position means that there are really no talented people with no sense of detail working under him.
  • I have the impression the interface has become slower versus the original watchOS. I might be wrong, but this and the impression that the Bluetooth implementation has suffered, too, does not help the overall experience, of course.

The whole update feels like it was rushed out of the gate and that’s bad.
I hope this will be fixed with another intermediate update, but I do not get what the heck they did there.

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