Oskar has a girlfriend, Oskar has a girlfriend…


I came home from work tonight and ran into our neighbors Andrew, Emily and their daughter Audrey who had just returned from the pool. After a big hello I opened the door to our apartment, Audrey saw Oskar and the toys he was playing with and *woosh* she dropped her towel and a half-naked girl was right there in our living room.

I think she is really going for him. And he plays it cool.
Ah, my sons, the little heart breakers

And look at this: next, Audrey went into Oskar’s room and checked out his stuff. Clearly, she knows what she wants…

Emily had some trouble to get her daughter leaving our place.

Leo: Just tell us when you want her back… one kid more or less really does not rock the boat anymore.

We should really try to meet these guys a little more often, especially because they are literally next door…

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