Playing it cool


The last two nights the place where we usually have our aircon in our and in Oskar’s bedrooms looked like this:

That sucks in Singapore!
Turns out that after 3 years these two units – obviously our most used ones – had to go for a chemical overhaul. My little finger tells me that this likely means the company who has been maintaining them every 3 months might have done a shit job. With a newborn and a toddler in the house, we did not have the nerve to dig too deep into it, however, and eventually agreed to have the overhaul done.

Sleeping without aircon in a country where it is constantly around 30 degrees, day and night, is not cool (no pun intended). But it’s actually less bad than I had expected. I slept bare chest with running fan, and it was bearable for me (and I am always hot).

I had worried most how Oskar would take it, because during the night feeds we could take Thomas out of the bedroom and into the living room where, as an exception, we had a unit running. This kept the temperature at a pleasant level in the living room and during these night feeds we could cool down a little.
Oskar did not have this, of course, but it turns out that he did not seem to be too bothered by this. Both last nights he did questioningly look at the spot where his aircon had been hanging, however, and I think he missed its LEDs, which have become his night light of sorts by now.

Today both aircon units came back from the overhaul and have been re-installed.

We’re looking forward to a chilled out night…

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