Ear cushion replacement


A few days ago I had written about the ear cushions of my Bose headphones that were slowly disintegrating. I did had quickly checked for a Bose shop in Singapore, determined there was none (though there are of course official resellers) and decided to order the replacement ear cushions via the US store.

The Comgateway account that I had initially created to order the Apple Watch (which in the end did not work) has become a great enabler for stuff like this. Like many other companies, Bose does not have an online shop in Singapore and the US shop does not ship internationally. So I had my order shipped to my Comgateway address and forwarded it from there to Singapore (like I do now with many other items, too).

Cost of the ear cushions: 35 USD delivered to US address
Cost of shipping to SG: 12.73 USD

So a total of 47.73 USD delivered to Singapore.
Not cheap, but still feels okay.

Today the replacement ear cushions arrived Singapore.

The installation is pretty straight forward.
Remove the old ear cushions…

Remove the protective scrim…

Attach the new scrim…

And clip the new ear cushions onto the frame. This last step is a bit finicky, because it’s not always obvious how much you should press to get to the re-assuring “click” that a part of the ear cushion is safely connected. After a few trial and errors I had both ear cushions properly connected, though.

Nice. Much better.
Too bad I am only realizing now that the head cushion is also in a rather beaten state. Not as bad as the ear cushions, though, so I can use that one for a little longer or at least until I run into a Bose shop in one of my upcoming trips.

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