Lamia has already written about the little Nutella surprise I had in store for her…

This was triggered when Fely and I went together to Oskar’s French class 2 1/2 weeks ago and I saw a bus with the #YourNutella hashtag that advertised getting personalized labels for the 375 g Nutella jar. It took me less than 5 minutes to go to the website and order that label with Lamia’s name on it.

It took them 2 weeks to print and send the label, which was enough time for me to sneak-buy the smaller jar (normally we only buy the big ones). So the label arrived today in the mail…

Lamia: What do you have there?
Leo: Nothing…
Lamia: Show me!
Leo: You do not need to see everything!

… I put it on the jar and then secretly placed it into the kitchen cabinet.

And then I waited.

As it turns out, the evening would become very stressful for her, with Thomas being very difficult and me taking a night call. When Lamia was looking for comfort food later that night, this turned out to be a splendid surprise.

Thank you, Nutella!

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