Reading my mind


When I came home from work today, there was a big box in the entrance. Pragmatic as I am, I thought to myself…

Leo: Whatever…

… and carried out my usual coming home program: drop everything, kiss the wife, kiss the kids, say hi to Aggie, change into something more comfortable to start with.
Unexpectedly, Lamia brought my attention back to the box.

Lamia: That box is for you.

Well, it turns out that Lamia bought me a new laptop bag!

My old one was part leather and in the past months it had started to fall apart. Chipped off leather pieces started to fall on the floor and I had considered buying a new one for a while. I did not tell Lamia at all about it and the funny thing is that the bag she bought at the online Apple Store was exactly the one I had considered, too.

That woman really is in my head!

I love the look and the re-assuring feel of the zipper. Very nice!
Thank you, Lamia! – this was truly an unexpected and so much needed present :)

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