Hooking up


At today’s swim class Oskar and I ran unexpectedly into Yann and his daughter Yunxi who also live in our condo. I had no idea they are going to the same swim classes. Normally they join a session on Saturdays, but today had a replacement class.

The class went well and (after some gentle encouragement) Oskar even did a rather complex task: push from the pool stairs to a swim mat where coach Richard was waiting, climb it, walk on it to the end and then jump into the water and towards me.

If you think that sounds like a lot for a 2-year old, I am with you. It certainly helped that all the other kids did it first. A few weeks ago Oskar would have refused this, but…

Coach Richard: He’s getting more courageous every week!

Yep. I am very proud of him!

After the class I showed Yann how to go back home by bus, which in fact is overall better than the MRT (unless you have a stroller).

After we had left the bus and walked home, Yann and I were chatting when we suddenly noticed that Oskar and Yunxi…


… held hands.
Isn’t that sweet? :)

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