That Chili Crab feeling


With two little kids at home I have been declining any business dinner in the past 2 months, because I did not want Lamia having to bear the load of two lively boys all by herself in the evenings.

Lamia encouraged me to make an exception tonight, however, because my new boss is in town. So the team went to Palm Beach Seafood (stupid Flash site) at One Fullerton and had different dishes, including the famous Singapore Chili Crab.


Bhavesh, Rahul, Su, Norman, Raja and I

It was a nice evening, but frankly: I am not impressed by Chili Crab. I might have been conditioned to crab the Brittany way, but while the Chili crab had an okay taste, I am not convinced by the idea of dunking it in gravy (but then again: I did not think any of the dishes were exceptional… so maybe it’s more the restaurant than the crab).

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