Remote Mac


As more and more reviews come in about the iPad Pro and how it compares to Wacom Cintiqs and the Surface Pro, I came across a review that actually used the iPad Pro in closer connection with a Mac. One interesting app that creates a poor man’s Cintiq tablet experience is for example Astropad.
Another interesting find in this context is Screens which enables displaying and controlling your Mac (or PC) remotely from an iPad or iPhone.

I know this is not really new, but frankly: this blew my mind!


How awesome is this?
This works on a local network, but with the right settings you can also make it truly work remotely, i.e. I could control my Mac from my iPad when I am in a different country. I am struggling with the functionality to wake up my Mac from sleep mode (seems to be router dependent), but everything else works great.

I admit, I would not want to edit a photo in Lightroom (though it is possible without too much hassle).

But: damn! – this is pretty impressive…

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