Advent, going thrice


In this series, here’s a highlight: the next calendar is again for Oskar, but it’s from his godmother Tatjana:


Oskar really likes the detail of the bull and he was pretty keen on opening some more windows (okay, the broken “23” you can see above was my fault…

Oskar: Papa… kaputt!

… but just to protect the calendar from greater disruption :) ).

What a great calendar – thank you, Tatjana! :)

I know what you think: so far these were three entries for Advent calendars and Oskar is wearing different clothes each time – how can this be?! Yep, smarty pants, I’ve cheated: as I write this, it’s not December 1 and I made a picture collection throughout the first days of December which I just backlogged on my blog for sake of sequence… live with it!

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