Air France follow up


After our ridiculously poor flight experience with Air France I had written a complaint for which I received an answer today.

Dear Mr. [Leo],

Thank you for taking your time to let us know the inconvenience you endured during your journey with Air France AF 259 from Singapore to Paris on 28 November 2015.

It is with regret to learn that you and your family did not receive the basinet seats as requested and I am very disappointed that you were misinformed by our staff regarding your allocated seats at Sky Priority check-in desk on your departure date. As you may aware, while we make every effort to honour advanced seating assignments, sometimes situations require us to make an unexpected change. In light of this, our airline does not guarantee advance seating requests.

However, according to what you mentioned in the letter, I am sorry to learn that our staff at the check-in desk had confirmed that you were given the bassinet seats even though you were assigned in a middle row.
I can well understand your dissatisfaction and would like to offer you my sincere apologies for the disappointment and difficulties you were caused from this incident.

Kindly be informed that I have sent an email to our Station Managers in Singapore in order to investigate in details regarding this matter. I also would like to stress my regret for the further disappointment caused since our cabin crew did not attentively assisting you onboard.

In order to avoid other disappointments, your feedback is being forwarded to our in-flight services department and will be taken into account in our constant endeavour to improve this service. Our airline pays particular attention to respect and courtesy towards customers and I am very grateful to you for having brought this matter to my attention.

I hope the special attention given to your claim displays the finest courtesy and care we endeavor to present to passengers. Upon the receipts of investigation outcome from Station Managers, I will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely, […]

So far so good.
Given the actual story had had much more little side elements which I had not added in my first message, I quickly replied with the following note:

Dear […],

thank you very much for your reply to our complaint. We appreciate the apology and the acknowledgment that the way our situation had been caused and how it was handled later on was not up to Air France’s standards.

We are looking forward to your reply after talking to your station manager in Singapore.

A few additional comments to that:

  1. The person checking us in at Sky Priority check-in was a lady named […] and she was supported by another lady and the gentleman sitting at the first class counter.
  2. When we were inside the plane in the described situation another lady from that team talked to us, claiming that we had been informed about the situation of no bassinet at check-in by another officer called […]. This never happened. Maybe this officer was sitting at the Economy check-in counter and might have very well informed other passengers with babies [not] getting bassinets. We were always and consistently told we would receive seats with bassinet. This not being the case caused much of the distress and issues we experienced on that flight.
  3. Finally, we’d appreciate if you also provided help with the return flight mentioned in my previous message. If Air France is caring about passengers with babies at all, I’m sure you agree that it is a very reasonable expectation that seats with bassinets are blocked for families with babies first before giving them to other customers. This obviously did not happen for several passengers on flight AF 259. And as stated already, it is impossible for a passenger traveling with infant to check-in online, which defeats the purpose of having bassinets in the front row at all.

Thank you, […]

Work in progress…

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