Ach, du Schreck, mein Name ist weg


Around the time Oskar was born there was a book that was all the rage for young parents: Lost My Name. Well, in fact the books name is “The little boy who lost his name” or “The little girl who lost her name” respectively.

This is a wonderful, digitally printed book that tells a story about a child who has lost her name and how letter by letter the name appears again.

The amazing feat the authors pull off is to tell that story with beautiful art and personalized for any child’s name. Plus: in all the major (Western) languages.


German version

Lamia had gotten this book for Oskar in French a while ago so I got it this time for Thomas in German. And it’s just so awesome to flip through the pages and read the well written story in rhyme.


What a beautiful book and idea.
With the book came three vouchers with codes that will shave 15% off the price if you order in the next 90 days. They’ll work only once, but feel free to try them out:




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