Air France closure (for now)


Today Air France also replied to my last message from Friday:

Dear Mr. [Leo],

I am in receipts of your recent message send to us on 5 December 2015. Regarding the vouchers offered, I very much appreciate you kindness that you wish to donate the value of these vouchers to a charity.
However, I am sorry that we are unable to positively respond to your request since the vouchers are none-refundable and available to use to purchase the services with Air France KLM only.

Please allow me to explain that I truly understand the purpose of your feedback regarding this matter that is not to receiving any kind of goodwill gestures but for us to avoid this failure that might occur in the future.
Thank you very much for taking your time to provide us these valuable feedbacks and we can assure you that we will use it to improve our services in the future.

I also can well understand your disappointment in advanced seating assignments. However, since we use many difference types of aircraft in operating our flights and unexpected change may occur at any time, in some cases, the last minute change of the aircraft is requited so we are therefore unable to guarantee advanced seating for all passengers.

Whilst we do not guarantee advance seating requests, we apologise nonetheless for any disappointment that this may have caused you.

Our thanks once again for your kind understanding and we can assure you that Air France has a genuine will to learn from its passengers’ feedback.

Despite the disappointment, we look forward to welcoming you, Mrs. […] and your children again soon on board to correct our shortcomings and restore your confidence in the fact that we always aim to offer an excellent service.

Yours sincerely,

I did not expect to get more from this interchange anymore than this, but I consider this closure to that whole business.

I’ll update this after our return flight to Singapore.

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