At Anex’s place


We spent another 2 hours in the late afternoon at Alex and Silke’s place: you got to use the time we have with friends :)

Naturally, the big playground, now better know to us as “Legoland”, was again a big success with Oskar. Even more so when Alex came home…

Oskar: Anex!

What can I say: Oskar loves “Anex”. In fact he loves him so much that when a next door neighbor noisily drilled a hole into the wall and Oskar got scared, he ran to “Anex” for reassurance, not to me.

I admit: though I am very happy that Oskar is feeling so comfortable here and I know that Oskar loves me dearly, it gave me a little sting when he turned first to Alex in this situation.

Nah – but that’s okay.
I just gotta kill “Anex” now… :)

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  1. What can I say… I was surprised, flattered and felt a little bit bad at the same time… If Fabian would run to somebody else than Silke or me in such a situation it would really hurt me…

    But hey, you’ll be leaving to France and then to Singapore soon and ‘Anex’ will be far far away…problem solved… ;-).

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