The kids of awesome


I am so amazed by both my boys!
For more than a week now, Thomas is sleeping full nights from 8 pm to 6 am (and would even sleep longer if I did not wake him for feeding).

And Oskar is sleeping full nights, too (okay: which he is doing already for 12+ months, of course), but he is also such a well-behaved and cute boy that he makes up a thousand times for every situation where he is pushing my buttons and drives me nuts.

Really: our sons are simply awesome and I am so proud of both of them. It’s fun to watch Oskar getting busy with all the little things he is doing every day, babbling away with an ever increasing German and French and English vocabulary. And it’s fun to watch Thomas react to the big world around him and sweety greeting every interaction with happy smiles and the cutest chuckles and gurgles a baby can utter.

Gee, I love them so much!

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