Shlong au Chocolat


My parents invited us today for lunch at restaurant Schiff in Aldingen. It’s a nice place, the food is good and it was a wonderful conclusion of our two weeks in Germany.

At one point, however, I checked on Oskar’s diaper and yes, of course: when we are somewhere outside, the poop production is at its most glorious. So I could see poop being squeezed out at the top of the diaper on Oskar’s back.


I grabbed a diaper, the cream, the wet wipes and ushered the little shit to the Gents. Up to then I had not realized how productive Oskar had really been with this: when I removed the diaper, not only was there poop on the back, virtually to his neck. No! It was also on the front and the shit level had reached a similarly high mark.

Which means that Oskar’s shlong and scrotum were – and I kid you not! – utterly and completely covered with poop. It was the sticky kind and it looked like a sculpture made from chocolate mousse.

Only that it was not.


And Oskar was not really cooperative: I had to force him not to touch …hum… there and cleaning him up (plus changing pants and shirt) was a major pain in the ass (it’s a dad joke, give you that, but I like that I can stick to the described picture with this metaphor).

Notwithstanding, it was a very nice lunch!
I did not have the mousse for dessert, though.

Thank you, mom and dad!

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