Paging Mr. Suitcase


What can I say?
My suitcase’s still missing.

The last update I have is that my suitcase might arrive tomorrow or not. This is the quality of information and the granularity I get from Air France. Wow! They could not even confirm if the suitcase is coming tonight with the last flight from Paris to Brest, which is in the air as I write this.

I am starting to think what I have in this suitcase. All the newly bought shirts from Olymp. The nice moccasins from Salamander. The gifts my mom got for Oskar and Thomas. The Star Wars Advent calendar from Fely and Nagi and the Lindt Advent calendar from my dad. Lots of socks, underwear and other laundry, including some of my favorites. I got to say I’d hate losing all of this.

Uh man!
All of the screw-ups are pretty damning for Air France. If they happened independent from each other, or over the course of many years, you would still be mad, but would likely brush them aside.

But as all of this crap is hitting us within 2 weeks, it tells you that something is very wrong with Air France. Clearly, this is an airline you cannot trust and that you should not use (anymore).

I know, I know: as you read this you might empathize, but you are still so going to buy Air France tickets if they are the most affordable option for a trip and you will hope that the shit that happened to us will not happen to you.
I wish you luck, but I obviously would tell you not to trust or book Air France. If there is an alternative which is a few hundred Dollar more expensive, this might be money well spent.
Whatever has happened to Air France in the last 12 months, it is not good and I’d be worried it will not be limited to the service quality only.

Let’s see whether I’ll get my stuff back.

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