Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Update]



I am not going to write much about the long awaited sequel to the original trilogy. No spoilers. Nothing about the story.

But if you loved the original and were hoping for a sequel in the same spirit, you will *have* to watch this one. Even if I’d say that this first movie of the new trilogy does not match the magic of the originals (and how could it?), it’s a bloody damn good movie with waaaaay better action, depth, character development, acting and dialogue than all the prequels combined (and how could it not… I guess).

I have several thoughts on the characters and story elements, but if you want to hear those, go watch the movie and then let’s chat.

Update Dec 19
I totally forgot to say a big *thank you* to Fely, Nagi and Daad who took care of Oskar and Thomas during the 4 hours we were gone. This was the first time we went out without having at least one of the boys with us. And it went so well and we could see The Force Awakens – thank you, thank you, thank you!

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