Today was a difficult day.

One reason is certainly that Oskar was really, really a pain in the neck. For a few days now, he is very whiny and it annoys the heck out of us that he is  trying to push the boundaries of our patience too much, too often. Today was clearly a high point in this development.

We discipline him by having him sit in the small entrance hall where he has to stay until we get him (or until he stops whining). I have to say this helps (he naturally does not like to sit there without anything to do, all alone and starts to behave accordingly) but this does not mean that we enjoy this.

And if you go through these motions exceptionally 5 times or more on a single day, it starts working on you.
I have to say I am truly unhappy that we have to do this on the day of Christmas eve. You somehow imagine everything being more “special” today. The reality is, of course, that a 2-year-old does not follow such a carefully crafted schedule of the big people world.

I hope tomorrow will be better. This is when we will do the gift giving. I cannot imagine switching between giving gifts and disciplining throughout the day. These extremes simply do not make sense and we will then have to think of something. Anyway, I don’t want that on Christmas day, regardless whether this notion is naive or not.

Let’s see…

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