And when the door opened on Christmas morning…


My fears from yesterday were unfounded: Oskar was very sweet this morning and despite he’s only 2 years old, I could sense some of the Christmas wonder in him after Lamia led him into the living room.
Here the whole family had set up the Christmas tree yesterday after Oskar had gone to sleep, so it was the first time he saw the mighty bounty of packaged beauty.


And like everybody else, he was happy by the pure sight of it.


I got to warn you: what follows are many more photos of the morning gift giving. If you want to see these and read the lovely narration, continue below…

As a matter of course, there was more than happiness about a lit tree with loads of presents – there was utter excitement, too:


(I’d like to point your attention briefly to the back,where Joy and Yann welcome the family arriving. Yann’s morning hair is fantastic)

Once everybody had has some breakfast and was settled, the gift unpacking started. With such an abundance of packages, Oskar felt a little overwhelmed and clearly wondered where to start:


Well, you got to start somewhere…


… and then continue…


… sometimes with the help of Maman, …


… nicely watched by Mamie, …


… but never forgetting to appreciate the content of each and every gift.


Oskar had become a natural in opening gifts in no time: from carefully removing the wrapping paper in the beginning and maybe checking with Maman, he had quickly turned into Oskar the Ripper:


Once he was done there was finally some time to actually play with what Santa Claus had brought:


But soon duty was calling again: there were still a bunch of gifts for Thomas. But Thomas is too small to unpack them by himself. So who could maybe help here?


I love how Thomas’s look seems to say:

Thomas: Hey, don’t touch my stuff!

Oskar was super sweet, however, and after removing the wrapping paper handed every toy to his brother for further assessment:


Uh – what?! Again one of those stupid giraffes?
How did that happen? … Lamia!

Next: my mom gave these shirts to both Oskar and Thomas and I am looking forward to dress the two of them alligator style.


Thomas is looking at this presents together with Papi:


After Oskar and Thomas were done with their presents, the rest of the family unpacked the now much reduced pile of gifts under the Christmas tree.
We all had vowed we would not give anything to each other, but it’s a Christmas tradition not to stick to this agreement. Lamia and I had Happy Socks for everybody (including my parents who had unpacked this – and I quote my mom – “original” gift already yesterday):


Some last stretches of unpacking, …


… a calendar for Fely and Nagi, …


… a plate, presented by a cute girl …


… and a really cool Snowtrooper wooly for Nagi, professionally put by Fely.


Was there more?
Sure there was, and I am not showing many, many presents here. But there was of course more happening today… Let’s break here and move to the next entry.

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