Muséum national d’histoire naturelle


I really enjoyed the Museum for Naturkunde when we were visiting in Stuttgart, but not surprisingly the Parisian pendant is kicking its butt. It’s not a fair and square comparison by any means and I love the creativity in the Stuttgart exhibition, but the pure magnitude of the one in Paris can take your breath away.

There are four levels with animal models and dioramas which are impressive due to size and arrangement in this spacious building. It’s the first two levels which are most interesting and Oskar and I had lots of fun browsing mindlessly from one beast to the other.


I had not brought my DSLR, because I’ve learned from experience that it is rather stressful to run behind a toddler and still take great photos. But the iPhone did a respectable job in capturing some of the exhibits.

Below a panorama view from third floor (clickable):


And here a similar shot taken on the same level from the other side:


The lighting is also pretty cool. There is an awesome sea life area in the basement, but I missed to take a photo there.

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