Going home


Today we are flying back to Singapore. It’s crazy how fast a month passed by (and I yet have to be grateful, of course, that my management actually gave me 4+ weeks of vacation in a row).

I have already made a toxic comment on Twitter given the seating situation, of course.

We had been told that by calling Air France customer service often and in particular 48 hours before the flight we would have best chances to get the seating we wanted (front row with bassinet, all family members together).

The best we could get was Lamia sitting with Thomas in the center of the front row with bassinet and Oskar and I sitting in the middle behind her. Could be worse, but I am still mad at Air France. At least this time we have not been promised something we will not get and we are mentally prepared (but there was a moment of boiling anger when we were at check-in and it turned out that Thomas was not included anymore on our booking… it was quickly fixed, but it was exemplary that even after several phone calls and reassurances Air France still did not have their act together).

Oh, by the way, this is how it looked like when we arrived at the airport.


6 suitcases, 1 car seat, 1 stroller and lots of carry-on. Everything as good as maxed out in weight, of course.

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