Fitness update


Today is the second time since we are back from Europe that I worked out in the gym. Last time was a week ago for half an hour on the tread mill, running at a pace of 11.5 km/h – and I could not keep that pace for the full time.

Today I ran at 10.5 km/h for an hour. Do you know this situation when you are working out and you feel like you’re stretching yourself already quite a bit and then you think:

You: How long am I on here? Must be 40 minutes or so…

And of course you did not check before, because you don’t do this to positively surprise yourself and then you check. And you are at 29 min.

Shit! At least I powered through the full time, but: I used to easily run 11.5 km/h  for a full hour on Saturdays and 12.5 km/h for 30 minutes twice on a weekday.
I guess it was to be expected I would not be able to catch up where I left off in October. I started doing far less in November because my knees started to hurt a lot after running (likely because the suspension given by the shoes was gone after the ~900 km I ran last year). And I did of course nothing during the stint in Europe in December. So 6, 7 weeks of little activity has apparently cost me quite some fitness. At least I got new shoes in Europe, which will hopefully help with the pain in my knees after running.

My weight is now 91.5 kg (+3.5 kg versus pre-Europe), my body fat jumped from 16% to 18% and my general heart rate seems to be higher than it was before, too – I am at 80 to 90 bpm where I was used to maybe 60-70 before.
Also, when I climb stairs I am huffing and puffing like a year ago when I weighed 97 kg. 2 months ago I was rarely out of breath when there was a little strain.

I still have to see how I can manage to get my three workouts a week squeezed into our new schedules with Thomas being home, Oskar going to school full time and Lamia returning to work.
I do hope I can eventually ramp up again, so that in February / March I am back to the same kinds of workouts I did in October.

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