It never stops


Oh god…!
What a shitty week!

So, after Oskar had come back from the hospital things seemed to look up. We continued with the nebulizing and this went pretty well. And that’s amazing considering that the machine we had rented was more noisy than the one that was used in the hospital. Despite the diesel engine sounds it made, nebulizing Oskar at midnight did not really wake him up. But he did have high fever.

On Wednesday Lamia took him again to the pediatrician. She confirmed that the lungs sounded good and were free of phlegm. But now he had a sore throat and had to take antibiotics.

And he hated that stuff. I cannot blame him: whatever terrible taste they had to mask, they did a shit job in making it even remotely attractive. It was virtually impossible to hide 6 ml of that stuff – even in small portions – in whatever food or drink thinkable. It is impossible to miss it if it’s in your juice or mush or whatever. The smell is just too intense.

And yes, we also ended up in soul crushing situations where we tried to force the medicine down his throat. The last resort in that was putting him on his bed, holding his arms and legs and then (with your magic second pair of hands) somehow get it into his mouth and make him swallow.
Imagine two of us virtually sitting on him and he screaming and yelling and basically spitting as much of the juice as possible in your face.

This. Is. Torture.
For him. For us. – it’s just not right.
But the medicine needs to be taken. It’s just pointless to reason with a 2-year-old.

Lamia got pretty good in making him drink juice which was loaded with that awful stuff through different levels of threats which he eventually took seriously. And I think I had a good idea in covering the drinking cup with film and poke a straw through it. While the taste is still there, at least you do not smell it when you are about to drink.

Today the bottle was finally finished.
Thank god! – I guess half of it never made it into the boy, but I hope the other half is enough to fix whatever needs fixing.

I so hope he can go back to school on Monday…

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