Back to school


I forgot to mention earlier that with being sick, Oskar had lost a bit of weight, too. This did not worry us too much, but he also seemed to have pain when he was eating. It was difficult to make out whether his throat was still red or whether there was something with his tongue.

It did not help that Oskar’s school had informed us this week that on Monday 3 pupils in the school had become ill with Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) – three of them direct classmates of Oskar. Now, Oskar was gone the whole week, but he could have been infected the week before.
He did not show the usual symptoms despite the pain in his mouth which we could not explain.

So I took him to his pediatrician this morning. Again.
After an hour+ of waiting in the doctor’s office she checked and as it turns out everything is fine: no sore throat, no HFMD, … maybe just being a fussy eater after the horrors of administrating poorly masked medicine in food and drinks.
In fact, I do think now that trying to hide the antibiotics in his drinks at first had been a mistake. This might have led to a trust issue, at least in this case where the medicine was so overpowering and it was too obvious that the drinks had been tampered with.

So we might have some work to do to earn back Oskar’s full trust when it comes to food. But on the positive side he can go back to school tomorrow…

(… I hope they wiped the place clean and disinfected everything, though. I do not want another week with a sick child for a while now, please).

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