Appreciation Night


Every year we have a “appreciation night” at work which takes place shortly before Chinese New Year. Party poop that I am, I don’t like to go there (especially when Lamia’s not joining like this time, because she was technically still on maternity leave when the final call for acceptances went out).

Here’s why I (spoiled first world problem whiner) hate these parties:

  • It’s a Friday night. With night calls throughout the week, I actually do not appreciate such an event on the one night in the week where I never have night calls. Also, why not have these events during the week over lunch and the afternoon (i.e. during actual working hours)?
  • The food looks expensive, but is bad.
  • There is always that f$%#@*! dragon dance. I know, I know: it does not hurt to be culturally aware, but just hearing the music is massively annoying. The acrobatics are often not bad, but that’s not making up for that noisy, uninspired crash! crash! boom! boom!

Anyway. I went tonight, also to be a good example to my newhire. Luckily I was sitting at an entertaining table and we took a fun photo:


The theme was “Gold Rush” – just in case you’ve wondered.
Kumaresh on the left is my newhire, Bhavesh on the right is also working with me and he was one of the hosts of the event:

Bhavesh (not sounding excited): Wow! That was an impressive performance!
Co-host (with from-notes-reading-voice)Yes, indeed.

Kumaresh and I will give him so much shit about this gem that came out after the dragon dance, he won’t know what hit him.

Glad I am home now.
And I got to eat something: I literally did not eat any of the food they dished out tonight.

Makes you wonder what the company paid for that…

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