Feed my Doxie


Last week I bought a document scanner in the US. I had it shipped through my Comgateway address and it actually arrived 2 days early last Saturday.


It’s a cool piece of gear: it scans documents and other things in decent speed and good quality (though I would not recommend it for photos), stores them internally and then sends them wirelessly to your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Pretty neat.

Why did I want that? Well, I hate how all these bills and documents we get over the course of the week pile up somewhere. Them after a few days or weeks I take half an hour and sort them, punch holes, staple them and try to squeeze them into files which are already stuffed with too much crap. Which then again means I need to sort old, then irrelevant things out.

The Doxie helps me make an end to that:
Now I get a bill or document. I scan it. Import to my phone or Mac. And then store it digitally. Done. Then the physical copy is scrapped, which makes me happy.

I currently store the documents my Notes app, though I am still looking for a better option. Notes does not offer password protection (though this is coming with iOS 9.3), but more importantly, I cannot share certain folders with others. I’d like the documents which are relevant for both Lamia and me also be accessible by both of us via some kind of shared folder in the cloud.

Ideally I’d like to use Apple for such a service, but my favorite tech company is obviously  falling short here on the sharing options. And no, I certainly would not use Google for this, either.

But I’ve read that maybe Microsoft’s OneNote is offering this kind of service? It would be funny to consider a Microsoft product over options from Apple and Google. But this may indicate how much my view of Microsoft has changed in the last 2-3 years.

(still hope that I’ve overread some features of iOS 9.3 and that select sharing is possible after all…)

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