Riding the bus


Oskar is now 2 years and 4 months. Since the first school day of January he is on a full day kindergarten schedule and it goes well. That’s great, because we wanted to make sure Aggie does not have to handle our two kids – baby and toddler -at the same time when we are not home.

And we know this can be very stressful.
Avoiding this situation for her was a key concern of ours.

Part of this plan is also that Oskar is taking a school bus to the school in the morning. Alone. The bus comes around 8:10 am and drops him off again at around 5:10 pm. We have to adapt our schedules, obviously, so either Lamia or I are around for the pick up and then again for the drop off. That is a bit of a stretch for us work wise, but it’s manageable. The crazy bit in my mind is that Oskar is taking a bus to school in the morning.

At age 2.
And it works.

The first day we tried this out was last Monday, his first school day after being sick. Lamia dropped him off, but he was crying so much that she joined him on the bus and then went from the school directly to work. Tuesday I dropped him off and sure enough the same happened: I had to join the ride because he was crying so much.

Wednesday, however, I was firm and had him ride alone.
Oskar was crying, of course, but the door closed and he was on his own (once more one of the moments where you feel like the worst, most heartless person in the world)

Thursday Lamia dropped him off and he did not cry anymore, though he reportdely “looked sad”. And Friday I dropped him off and he seemed to be kinda cool with it and arguable started to get used to the routine.
Coming back was never a problem, by the way. I guess the separation he felt the first days at home hit him harder than just joining his school mates in the bus and then seeing us when he arrives.

Now: maybe it’s a normal thing these days, but in my mind sending a 2-year-old alone on a bus ride, albeit how brief it might be, and he gets used to this in the course of a few days is remarkable.

I am so proud of Oskar!

(… and in 30 years from now he’ll likely tell his shrink about this as the moment when his childhood ended)

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