Spoonful of syrup


I hate it when the kids are sick.
Well. Technically, so far only Oskar has been sick, really. Thomas is still protected by the breastmilk, so he will only start getting sick in a few weeks from now.

But after Oskar had that scary incident with the wheezing a little while ago and its repercussions could be felt that whole week.

Oskar got better, but he remained rather cranky the following weeks, often woke up at night and threw quite some tantrums – starting with every morning when we wake him up and the first thing we hear is:

Oskar: Oh, nein! Oh, nein! Oh, nein!

He’s 2 years old and people refer to that age as “the terrible twos”.

And then the wheezing came back. Not as bad as before, but Lamia acted very quickly and took him to the doctor. Luckily we could keep him at home and did not have to go to the hospital, but it was nebulization time all over again: every 4 hours (and yes, also during the night, thanks very much :) ).
And there was medicine again and the fight about taking it (although Lamia has now perfected her method and he is taken the cough syrups and whatever much more willingly – no need to force it in anymore, just designing a threat scenario…).


Wednesday Lamia took him to the pediatrician again and the result was positive: the wheezing was gone and Oskar got green light to go back to school. Besides him being healthy, this is the most important bit: when both kids are home the whole day, Lamia or I need to be both home, too. Even though Aggie is great with the kids, there are moments where handling both is very stressful, e.g. when Thomas needs to be rocked into sleep for his nap (it can be done, but this would mean leaving Oskar alone for a while, and this is not a great option).

Now, we’ve also started to notice a substantial change in him. He seems more happy and he is more his playful self, basically all the time – something we only had in bits and pieces in the past weeks. Seeing this just makes me happy because he is clearly better. Not only physically but also mentally.

We still get the…

Oskar: Oh, nein! Oh, nein! Oh, nein!

… in the mornings, but it is delivered more like a running gag now (and – okay – we are acting differently, too: we mock this by gently aping him and / or just leave the room and come back every few minutes to check).

The next illness will come for sure, and we will get all that crap again, but right now I simply enjoy the moment and make the most out of it.

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