A peeing success


We’ve tried potty training Oskar before.

The first time was pretty much exactly a year ago, when Oskar was 17 months old.
The second try was 3 months after that.

In both cases we did not have much to talk about, except how much pee ended up on our floor and on our sofa. That’s okay – but clearly we were too ambitiuous. So we gave it a rest for a little while.

For quite a while now – I think easily since some time early January – Oskar got more and more interested in going to the potty. He even peed once into the toilet before his evening shower. It became pretty clear he was more ready than ever before.

Nevertheless, we know some time might be needed to pull this magic off, so we set this long Chinese New Year weekend for the next attempt to get him.. hum… “house-trained” :).

So this morning we told Oskar that we would not put on the diaper but just underwear. Surprisingly he did not want us to at first, but then bought into this funny new game. We explained to him that each time he would pee in the potty, he’d get a sticker with animals that live in the sea.

Things started off pretty much similar to the first two attempts we had – but suddenly he hit bulls eye:

Some pee made it safely into the potty and we felt encouraged. But we were not ready what was happening then:

Seriously: he filled up half the potty!
Okay. No, that was not serious. Sorry. But it was a really solid amount of pee, sloshing there in the potty. I was very impressed.

We then had one miss, but the next one was in fact a poop, which again landed where it belonged.

After looking at what her first born had produced, the wife said:

Lamia: Hum, looks like Japanese curry…

Hurk! – thanks for that picture, hon!
(… though, it sort of did, I think)

For the poop he got two stickers, by the way, which ended up… well, anywhere in the apartment:


Now Oskar was on a roll and we did not have a single miss anymore!


Waiting for the next pee…

And more importantly, Oskar did not have to be reminded or asked every few minutes whether he had to pee (though we still did that). He quickly ran to the potty the moment he felt it was necessary…

In case you’re wondering: each of these tweets followed a successful seating. He had some more successful trips to the potty which I did not tweet about anymore.

But hey: what a great success!
I am actually amazed and once more so proud of him: I mean, the little guy just got it and he did so well!

I know what some might say:

Some: So he peed in a potty. Big deal!

Yes, it is! You giant jackasses!

This is huge!
Now, for the night I put him into a diaper again and tomorrow we’ll continue the training to see he can pick up where he left off this evening. And then we have to make sure the school staff is aware and further helps with this endeavor. :)

Today’s a great day!

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