Rhona and Peter came by for brunch this morning and enjoyed Lamia’s excellent banana pancakes, fruits, coffee, juice… you know: whatever you expect for a brunch.

Oskar did not bother much about that, but was quite excited about what was hidden in the bag the friendly visitors had brought…


Naturally, we did not get to eat, because setting up this magical, Peter Pan inspired world clearly had priority.


You gotta love that crocodile!


And Rhona did a darn good job in capturing Oskar’s imagination…


After brunch, Oskar was also allowed to open the gift for Thomas…


… and was arguably much more into this music playing dingus from Fisher Price than into the elves and pirates and beasts of Neverland (see how Thomas disapprovingly frowns because his brother is playing with his gift?).

2016-02-21_familienfotoPhoto credit: Peter

Naturally Lamia and I had our hands busy with the two little critters who kept us on our toes all the time, but this was (once again) a fun get together with Peter and Rhona.

Thanks a lot for the visit and for the generous presents!

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