Return to sender… or not


So I had tried to be a good citizen and figure out the correct DHL account number with Apple’s customer service after they had replaced the duckhead adapters and provided one which DHL did not accept (ridiculously, on Apple’s request).

This proved to be more difficult than I would have expected. The first follow-up call did not lead anywhere. I was not available for the next one and then the promised email to set up another call never arrived. Hum.

Tonight I thought I should just toss this stuff out, but it felt just wasteful. So I called again, was on hold, got disconnected (grrr!), tried again, was on hold and finally made it to a real person.
After I had explained why I called, interestingly I got escalated to the next level of customer support rather quickly. Long story short, after registering that the replacement had worked fine, the person on the phone told me – sort of apologetically – that I could now do with the remaining connectors whatever I choose.

Erg… okay.

So, cynically, my initial hunch might have been correct: most customer won’t bother to try and find out the correct DHL account number to use and just keep or toss the parts. Which means the cost for the return shipment is saved.

I told the customer agent that this was not the best experience, and I’d expect more of Apple, but well: no harm done and I will throw away the connectors.

But really feels like big corporation antics.

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  1. Why ship garbage around the planet? Whether _you_ throw away the adapters or _they_ throw them away, who cares?

    Looks like common sense to me.
    Granted, that they play funny games of not saying this outright is silly, and probably some corporate/legal cya …

    • It’s shipping to an address in Singapore, so hardly around the planet. Still: it could be argued that a note saying “please dispose of the old connectors” should have been sufficient.

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