Potty training update


6 weeks ago, Oskar’s potty training started amazingly well. We were so proud how things went and he seemed to pick up the routine really quickly.

Since then we had some setbacks, however.

The trouble was that Oskar had trouble to transition the success at home also to the school. The teachers knew, of course, but even though I am sure they did their best, accident followed accident which was frustrating for the teachers, I am sure also for Oskar and naturally us.

It became so bad that he seemed to regress after a few weeks, i.e. he suddenly repeatedly started to have accidents at home, too. Before, he only missed when he had to poop (and that is actually not that bad, even though you might think that). But now he missed also when he had to pee and sometimes he seemed to have to go every 20 minutes. Phew…

Good father that I am, I immediately blamed the school. Privately.

We had met with the teachers before, talked different ideas to make it easier for Oskar, but in the end nothing seemed to work.

We tried different things. One of the most important interventions was certainly to not stress ourselves (and him) too much about it. I will admit that I got quite annoyed when I asked him whether he had to pee (following a tell in his behavior), he denied it and then would wet his pants a minute after.

Eventually we cooled the whole thing off: not ask so often anymore, not rush him to the potty if he had an accident and reassure him. Even if we see him behaving in a certain way that has “I got to pee” written all over it, we are just waiting what is going to happen. And if he pees – well: then he pees.

And in the last 2 weeks the whole situation has become noticeably better. There are still accidents in school, but on most days it is one, maybe two (before it was five or more). We also still have accidents at home, but Oskar seems to get his confidence back.

I’ve read somewhere that the average time to potty train a toddler is 3 months. Based on that we are halfway.

It’s going to be fine…

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