Singapore Futureworld


Lamia has this thing where she keeps up to date with what happens on the island. She reads relevant stuff (not that my detailed knowledge of what Apple is unveiling during their next keynote would not be relevant, but…). She might pay attention to ads on the street that promote events. She talks to people.

And so it turned out that we took the kids (and really: Oskar) to Futureworld, an exhibition at the Artscience Museum. When we arrived there, a huge queue had already formed, full of strollers, crying babies, annoyed parents… Welcome to our life. While I do not like looking or planning for events like this and I hate queuing – especially when I feel it is outrageously inefficiently organized like in this case – I do really enjoy visiting places like this once I am inside and I’ve made it past the queue.

Looking at this queue, however, made me suggest to delay the whole thing to Sunday. In the end we stayed, I took Oskar outside for a little walk close to the marina and Lamia held the fort in the queue with Thomas. When we eventually had our tickets (which in fairness was faster than what I would have expected), we were told that we had to queue another hour before entering the actual exhibition because they limit the amount of people roaming through the different installations. That’s  sensible, but – gosh! – if I had known before, I would not have waited all the time to get those bloody tickets.

Darn! But now we were committed. We had to pull through.

I am glad we did. After 45 minutes we entered the exhibition which showcases a number of quite stunning installations which enable the visitors (and really: kids) to engage with in clever ways. You will see most of them in below video, but let me give an example: there are two gigantic video walls on which animals or vehicles float around. You can touch these with your finger, and they react to the “kick” you give them by speeding away. More amazingly, you can grab a paper with the printing of a car, a bus or a turtle, then color it, scan it and have yours appear on these same walls to chase.

That’s a lot of fun. The whole exhibition is nicely done, but you really get most out of it when you go with your kids. With his two years, Oskar was already at the right age to enjoy virtually all of the neat stuff that has been set up.

Here’s the video I quickly pulled together tonight. Apologies for the uninspired music. I was looking for a little while to find a fitting tune and then got tired and reverted to one of the overused standard ones in iMovie. Still nice…

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