50 years are worth it


Tonight I’ve booked a flight to Germany. Just me.
As it turned out, my parents are going to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year at the very restaurant they actually had their wedding at in 1966. I had already considered going to Europe around that time for another wedding in Belgium, but with two major events happening, I really wanted to go.

That’s easier written than done, of course. We have two kids, after all, and taking care of them alone, even with Aggie in the house, is  – while joyful – stressful. Doing this for 10 days straight, including two Sundays (where Aggie normally does not work) is asking a lot. And what did the most amazing wife say?

Lamia: You should go! These are all once in a lifetime events…

I then asked Aggie whether she’d be okay to work those two Sundays when I am not here. Sweet soul that she is, she happily agreed. And only then did I feel kinda comfortable to actually book my ticket.

Inconsequent as one can be, I bowed by the combination of best connections, best options for premium economy and trying to maintain my frequent flyer status. And thus ended up with my “favorite” airline.

Hum. Let’s see how this will go.
Anyway: in August I’ll be 10 days in Germany and Belgium. Exciting!

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