A day on a yacht


You know, often you hear from these amazing multinational companies and the cool events they run for their employees. Like going places, or doing some kind of extravaganza.

My company is one of the companies that totally can pull this off. But in most cases it does not, because somewhere in the chain from a committee with often lukewarm excitement up to the lead team that has to shell out money, many compromises are being made and the outcome is something rather dull or embarrassing.

But not today.
Today my department celebrated an offsite, which I would consider was the best offsite I’ve been to in my 16 years with the company (I also liked the one from the previous year, but this year… well: read on).

The organizing team had booked a yacht. And not a shabby, sad little cutter but a very decent yacht, several stories high with living rooms, a sun deck, a bunch of bedrooms including bathrooms and so on, and so on (this is the one).


This is a photo I took of her later in the day, when we stopped at Lazarus island for fun and games. Below a shot of just after we had boarded…


Yep: that’s the life!
At the beginning this felt too crazy to be real, but after a little while realization trickled in that, yes: we would be spending a great day on a pretty cool boat!


The sun deck on the top was a great place to hang…


… and to enjoy a BBQ.


And the jacuzzi was a welcome place to cool down and have a drink.


So, yep: we had an amazing offsite!
Besides the yacht, just spending this time with colleagues and friends, doing some silly and embarrassing games was of course the cherry on the cake.

We should do this more often…

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