Photo session on the terrace


Last week there was a message from Oskar’s school, asking for three photos: two of him and one of the family. Now, we have loads of photos of the kids, but we do not have so many photos of all of us together. There might be only one or two, actually, and we took those not too long after Thomas was born.

So we decided to take a fresh one.

I got all excited, set up the tripod with my DSLR on the terrace, ensured that the remote functionality of the Canon app on my phone was working and gave instructions to the family how to set themselves up.

I know what you think: wow, that’s a nice shot. They must have had so much fun.

Well… that’s not the full truth. I was actually super frustrated. You know, I like to set up my gear, get the light right and arrange the “models” for a nice photo. The models, however, included a baby and a grumpy toddler whom we pulled away from playing on the iPad. So all of this photo taking stuff did not go down so well with Oskar. And despite the fact that I should be smarter than that, in weak moments I still seem to be convinced that I can reason with a 2-1/2-year-old…

Leo: No… stop… will you… argh! Stop it! Just hold tight and smile and then you can go back and play…

Yeah. I am that stupid.

We took a series of photos, but browsing through them, I was not convinced they were good enough. Oskar and also Thomas were now a little bored and annoyed and the chance to take the planned photo decreased quite rapidly every passing second. Lamia then suggested to take a break and snap a photo with the phone instead to change the setting a bit. I looked at her with my most toxic glare.

Annoyed I got my little camera bean bag to stabilize the phone and we sat down for the photo. Oskar got excited, because I let him press the trigger via my watch. The result was…

 deep sigh

… really, really nice:

The change of setting helped with the kids and once more: those smartphone cameras really take great quality pictures (we took a similar photo to these ones in July last year – then just with Oskar, of course). Once we had these photos, we at least had the confidence that there was an updated picture we could give for Oskar’s school project. I packed up all my gear and did not take any more photos with the DSLR.

When I had a closer look at the DSLR shots I had taken, however, it turned out that there were a few quite good ones. In fact, there was one which I thought was really quite good…

I’m actually going to use this one as family photo for the school…

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