The birds


I did mention that we would definitely visit Jurong Bird Park again. The funny thing is that we visited last on May 1st, 2013 – nearly exactly two years ago. I’ve just remembered this because I recall back then I shared a birthday serenade for Patzi.

This time things were very different, of course. Two years ago my main focus was to take great photos. This time I wanted Oskar to have fun (and Thomas, who would be virtually all the time in his stroller, not to be miserable).

So we hardly took photos today. We did remember that the first thing you should do when you arrive is going to the Lory Loft (this assumes that you arrive just after the park has opened, but that’s a no-brainer when you have two kids, of course). I totally thought this would be exciting for Oskar: feeding the Lories who fly around in a generous aviary – how great is this for a little boy?!

Turns out: not so much. Oskar was actually scared to get that close to the birds and Lamia and I had to do all the heavy lifting (and in some cases this is meant quite literally).


Oskar liked the ostriches and flamingoes better (though he was also scared of the ostriches – but who can blame him: with their ruffled feathers they look quite mean).

On the way to the flamingoes we passed by the Pelican Cove where we took this family photo:


Thank you, friendly woman, who did well enough in taking this photo that some editing made it into a nice memory.

After the flamingoes we walked to the Hawk Arena where we watched the Kings Of The Skies show. We saw eagles, hawks, vultures, a condor, an owl, … and some decent action – not the best falconry show I’ve seen but Oskar liked it, Thomas had his milk and Lamia and I got a bit of a break (it’s so hot these days, I am a walking waterfall most of the time).

Next, Oskar explored for 40 minutes or so the Birdz of Play playground with water play and stuff before we made our way back, said good-bye to the penguins and took a ride home.

Just a morning visit, but Oskar enjoyed it quite a lot and even though I hardly took photos, it was a great little family outing.

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