What to feed?


I like to use Twitter more than I like using Facebook. While I would not debate that there is sort of social pressure to be on Facebook and while I do enjoy browsing through the Facebook feeds of friends, in principle I prefer the raggle-taggle Twitter approach over the very polished Facebook design.

So far.

This is why I never bothered to move away from the Twitter feed in the side bar of my blog. I have not checked, but I am pretty sure I could replace it with one from Facebook. Abandoning Twitter is likely pretty easy. In fact, if I did replace it with one from Facebook, it would likely be a more colorful and maybe more deep and interesting feed.

I do not need the full Facebook gear in this feed, however, but I do miss some things in Twitter that Facebook offers. And partly, this is only better use of state-of-the-art technologies that make sharing more enjoyable. Twitter is lagging behind there. And while I used to rather spend 15 minutes on Twitter to see what people I follow have come up with, than spending the same time on Facebook, this is changing. The difference is also that Facebook is where many of my friends are (virtually nobody is on Twitter, and if they are, their accounts are pretty much dormant now).

On Twitter I follow people of public interest or people who have interesting things to say in other ways. Also, on Twitter I get in touch with companies, mostly when their products or services annoy me. I don’t use Facebook for this and it would not occur to me that you can.

But – god! – Twitter is getting really long in the tooth. I mean, why the heck is there no way I can simply search just within my own tweets to find something? If I want to refer to them in my blog, Twitter is utterly useless to help me finding those tweets – why the heck is that? Why do I need to spend 15 minutes to find a tweet from 15 months ago?
Then, I actually like that there is a character limit. But guys, it’s friggin’ 2016 now! I would have expected some updates to this in the meantime. Simple stuff, arguably, like: keep the 140 character limits, but why do hashtags, URLs and Twitter names you refer to still count against this? By having these not count, you’d automatically have a richer experience that maintains the original spirit and doesn’t turn the service on its head.

If they fixed those two things for me, would this help Twitter’s fight against Facebook?
Well, no. But if you ask me (or smarter people than me) this battle is lost, already, because Twitter as a technology platform has not moved for – what: 5 or 6 years? And from what I read, advertisers are leaving Twitter for Facebook by the dozens because the previously much coveted Twitter social graph is now simply not as attractive anymore: the one from Facebook is better.

I do like Twitter and I’d rather have it survive. But I do admit that by the way it’s going, Twitter will simply wither away or maybe it’ll be acquired by some other company (e.g. Google… but then again, what would they really do with it?), which would still have a high chance to lead to the same end result (though delayed).

You’ll know when the Twitter feed on my blog is changed into a Facebook feed…

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  1. Show me a Facebook feed that is visible without a Facebook account. Having such a thing enabling users to see content outside Facebook’s walled garden is not in Facebook’s interest, is it?

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