Special day


So the birthday did not start too badly. I ran 6k, then I showered, got a kiss from Oskar, a smile from Thomas and a clap on the back from Lamia.

At the Starbucks I got again special treatment from my favorite baristas, of course:

Back home my amazing wife made once more a cake magically appear from nowhere and Oskar helped me kill the candles.


Thomas was watching with a happy smile…


Then I started opening gifts. Here’s a card that my aunt Barbara sent, and there is also the shirt I got from my parents. My mom had been very nervous about the parcel arriving on time and yes, it was delivered just today.


Here’s the big present from Lamia. I had told her that it was not necessary to do the post-it birthday wishes she painstakingly puts anywhere in the house each year. I thought she simply compensated with email birthday wishes…

… but no: I found a bunch of birthday notes in the box, too :)


And what’s in the box?


A new messenger bag! Much more elegant and “mature” than the one I bought in San Francisco nearly 8 years ago and which slowly comes apart.

I also got an unexpected FaceTime call from Alex from work (in full gear with suit and tie – much appreciated, buddy!), some emails and several dozens of Facebook wishes.

Thank you everybody for thinking of me and making me feel loved.

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