A few weeks ago WordPress notified me that my domain mapping was about to expire. Domain mapping enables using my custom domain for this blog instead using a subdomain. It’s of course still hosted on WordPress, but it feels more personalized.

Now, this costs 13 USD per year and when I saw the email, I was rather dismissive of it. Funny enough, it was already written very similarly to phishing emails (maybe I should say that phishing emails are written similarly to this… well, po-tay-to, po-tah-to).

I kept ignoring the notifications on email and also on the WordPress site and mobile client. Turns out that after 22 days or so of not paying, they eventually turn off the domain mapping.
That’s not really So i surprising. But I was surprised that two of my… erg… four readers immediately contacted me because they saw this screen:


And of course I coughed up the 13 bucks and the mapping (and basically the site) was immediately restored.

Thanks, Bernhard and Alex :)

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