Fresh brew


My Nespresso machine is now broken for quite a while. It does brew coffee, but it stops pouring it after every 5 ml or so, which is rather annoying. Then Lamia suggested she could buy me a new one for Father’s Day. I told her this was really not necessary, but after I had met her for lunch today (a company holiday, which means Oskar is in school and Aggie takes care of Thomas) we passed by the Nespresso boutique at Takashimaya.

I was not convinced at first. Turns out Nespresso is now selling a “connected” machine which brews coffee with the tap of a finger on your phone, manages your capsule stock and can be programmed for brewing coffee at a certain time. You’d think I’d go for that – but in fact I don’t. While I am interested in connected devices and IoT stuff, I think an Espresso machine which can be controlled via a smartphone app is kinda stupid: you still have to insert the capsule (one at a time), and you still need to place the cup below the nozzle (one at a time), which makes tapping on some “brew coffee” button on your phone a joke. Why not push that button right then directly on the machine? – you are standing in front of it anyway.

In the end I did get a new machine, though, and Lamia really bought it for me (despite the fact that she hates coffee)!
She’s the coolest wife ever, hands down!

I even like the packaging, which opens elegantly like a suitcase…

I also like that it automatically disposes the capsules after brewing the Espresso and that it has a swiveling water tank, which makes refilling so much more easy: no more awkward pulling and balancing the filled water thank anymore. Two features, by the way, which the connected machine did not have.

And in case you’ve wondered, the Espresso tastes great, too…

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