Rewire those ears!


I had bought my excellent Jaybirds Bluebuds X in April ’15 and they broke down a year later. The customer service of these things is really not bad, though, and they were willing to replace my set with a new one – I just had to ship it to the US, but that’s a different story…

Once my headphones had arrived in Salt Lake City, there was what appears to be sloppy handling of my case which required gentle persistence on my side. This of course led to a delay of shipping out my replacement. But: today the headset finally arrived in the mail.

Oskar helped with unpacking…

I admit I had hoped a little bit they might even ship out the newer Bluebuds X2, but I am not going to complain about getting a perfectly fine replacement of the original headset – I really enjoyed using it (as long as it lasted).

I have now just set up the weird wiring for over-ear usage and as of tomorrow I can finally stow away the regular Apple EarPods I have been using for nearly 2 months and get back the freedom of wireless, better sealing of the ear (hence pleasantly lower volume) and better audio clarity.

Let’s see whether these also break down after a year, though…

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