Paying with the twist of the wrist


I totally forgot to write about my experience with Apple Pay.

So Apple Pay finally expanded to Singapore beyond American Express cards, which offered the service here already for a few months.

I put my cards on both my phone and the watch right away and I have paid with the watch now at Starbucks and our bakery (there’s a 100 SGD limit per transaction, so I cannot use it when I do our grocery shopping).

I love the experience of simply paying with my watch. I have not done a single transaction with my phone so far. It’s cool and addictive to double click the side button on the watch, get close to the contactless payment terminal and *ping* you’re done.

Now I hope that loyalty cards will also soon be part of this so I can do all my Starbucks transactions just with the watch, too. Right now I need to pay by displaying a QR code on the phone. Oh, and even more important: I would totally love if the busses and MRTs, which all have contactless check-in and check-out systems, would also come on board.

Either way, payment is available now and it’s a no-brainer, it’s safe and I’m actually annoyed when a shop or restaurant does not offer contactless payment options.

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