Uneasy nights


Thomas has been quite sick these last days. It started to go bad on the weekend and the night from Sunday to Monday was a disaster. It’s the first time in months that I saw Thomas being truly unhappy, in pain and crying madly forever. His temperature went up to 39.8 dC, but the bigger problem was the coughing and a sore throat which woke him up frequently.

I still thought this was a cold, but Lamia took him to the pediatrician on Monday morning and as it turned out Thomas has a bacterial infection. Phew… thank god my smart wife is in charge in the house when it comes to making medical decisions.

With medication, the night from Monday to Tuesday was already better, though we were still awake for 2 hours or so in the dead of night (where I once more learned that when things go bad, the kids will always prefer Maman to comfort them).

Tonight he is still sick, but much better. He even is in a good enough mood to pose for photos:


And if this photo sort of brings up memories in your mind… well: there’s a photo session I took with Oskar not that long ago where he was wearing the exact same clothes. So amazing to see how these two boys look like at similar ages.


Nothing wrong with seeing them together on the same photo either, of course :)

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